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Excited to finally launch my podcast Designdrives - where I explore together with my guests why, how and what Design drives forward. 😊 The first episode is with Cheryl Platz, a pioneer in the voice user interface discipline - shipping these experiences at scale. I am grateful to have her on the podcast and think there is tons of value to gain listening to her learnings. She talks about her early days working on AI-driven interfaces in video games, Microsoft multimodal interaction solutions in the mobility space and then later on taking these experiences to join Amazon Echo and Alexa as one of the first designers. We talk about the prototyping process designing these voice interactions and why design drives empathy and shapes these technologies to be more human. After her time at Amazon she joined Microsoft to drive design in the enterprise space working on the product Azure. She is also an Actor, Speaker and also hosts workshops on voice user interface design at her own venture Ideaplatz. The podcast is on Apple Podcast, Spotify and Soundcloud - more platforms coming as more episodes get released in the coming weeks. The interview was recorded before she joined the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as a UX Principle Designer.

Sebastian Gier