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Speaking at East-Europe's biggest tech conference.

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Had a wonderful time speaking at East Europe’s biggest tech conference and sharing the stage with outstanding people from Google, Tesla, Facebook, Yelp and many others as one of the youngest speakers last weekend. Also got the chance to see some amazing startups - East Europe has enormous potential. The 3-day conference is called IT Arena and covered topics from business, technology and product side. My 45min presentation covered the economic value of design as well as it’s impact in product/service innovation but also why the importance is rising for most businesses. Learnings from the past 6 years. The second part showed the project BMW Xplore and how design drives future mobility experiences. Also had great conversations and Q&A afterwards.

Special thanks to Nathali Bubniuk, Maria Filchagova, Markiyan Matsekh and Maria Pylyp for the invitation and making everything a great experience. Hope to visit the Ukraine more often!

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Sebastian Gier