Product-Service Designer form Germany.


Designing experiences for tomorrow's products and services. 


Hi. Hola. Servus. Nǐ hǎo.

I am Sebastian, a creative thinker and passioned interdisciplinary designer from Germany, focus on creating meaningful experiences for people, business driving product and service solutions and humanizing new technology trends. Empowering people and improving their lives through design and bringing the “human-perspective” to innovation is what drives me.

SPECIALITY: Strategic Design, User Experience, Product Design, Service Design

EXPERIENCE: 5 years (3 years Corporate, 2 years Consultancy)

Currently I work on the future of mobility as a Senior Designer at BMW Group Design. Prior to that I worked with global in-house design studios like Bosch Home Appliance Group as well as innovation/design consultancies like Designworks in Los Angeles or Minimal (MNML) in Chicago besides others. I hold a Master in "Advanced Product Design" from the Umea Instuite of Design (Sweden) as well as a Bachelor in "Industrial Design" from Folkwang University of Arts (Germany). Furthermore I have been fortunate enough to work with various international brands and companies like Adidas, Philips, BMW, MINI, Bosch, Siemens, Rolce-Royce, John Deere, Cathey Pacific, Newell and Midea and have been awarded by international renowned design awards like the Red Dot Design Concept, IDA (International Design Award), Core77 Design Award, SPARK Design Award or Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA - Industrial Design Society of America) on personal design projects. In addition I frequently give keynotes and lectures on design at international design or product development conferences - most recently at PushConference (Germany), IT Arena (Ukraine) or Dutch Design Week (Netherlands).

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Design drives things forward.

I am interested in change, making the world a better place and for me design is a tool that can create change in todays world. I am interested in new points of view and risks for positive design visions. I am fascinated by the growing value of design in the area of business and how it helped to reinvent industries. Industries that suddenly recognise the power of understanding design as a tool for innovation, growth and meaning - not as pure beautification. A tool to create better life experiences and solve problems. It's about creating well-being and positive experiences for people and less about thinking about profitability in the first moment. It's about sustainable business growth and long-term thinking.

Companies of the future will have to ask them self what experiences and stories they can design best in order to find their focus. It's about authenticity. In times of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things, I strongly believe in the increasing value of the designers role in the innovation process of products and services: In my view, technology enables, but design delivers meaning by focusing on the human experience and well-being for users. For designing these experiences in an increasing connected and intelligent environment, the focus on empathy, psychological needs and emotions becomes more and more important. It's less about what's technological possible and more about what enriches people’s life from an experience point of view. Its more about "why" and less about "what".

In addition, I think the design process and it's principles can have a big impact on solving larger and complex problems. We are seeing more and more fields like finance, health or even governments recognizing the value of a design-driven innovation process and applying it to their organisations. This curiosity is inspired by intellectual exchanges, panel talks, papers and books of people like Roger Martin, John Maeda, Tim Brown, Hartmut Esslinger, Nathan Shedroff, David Kelley, Don Norman, Bill Moggridge and many others.

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